• Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

All dogs are walked on their own unless you are looking to socialise your dog with other dogs. Arrangement's can be made for this.

  • Will my dog be let off his/her lead?

At walkies with Frank the safety of your pet is of utmost importance. Even if your dog is normally well behaved off the lead we wouldn't want to risk the dog running off in a new environment with a new person to get used to. Due to this dogs are walked on the lead until the dog is comfortable with us, recall has been established and we understand the nature of the dog. Please note any potentially aggressive dog or dogs with poor recall will be walked on the lead at all times. 

  • Do you do cat visits?

We certainly do! we offer a visiting service that includes feeding, cleaning of litter tray and cuddles if your feline friend requires it! 

  • Do i need to give you a key?

Yes, unless you are at home at the time of our walk. All keys are anonymously labeled (not with your address on) so in the unlikely event of loss or theft these cannot be traced to your home. All keys are securely locked away when not in use. We will return all keys when our services have ended.

  • Do you offer boarding services?

Unfortunately we are not equipped to offer a cat or dog boarding service at this time. We can allow a small number of small animals such as hamsters etc. however we can arrange to visit your pet in your home as many times as you require.

  • What is covered on the insurance?

We are covered for accidental injury for your pet and loss. We can provide full cover details in our welcome pack.

  • How can we contact you?

IF you are thinking of using our services you can call, email or even text and we can arrange a meeting. We are also on Facebook and can receive messages on there as well. 

  • Why do you only walk 3 dogs at a time?

We feel it would be irresponsible for us to take any large groups at any time. Sadly, too many dog walkers are more concerned with cramming as many dogs into one walk as they can. Unfortunately, this usually means that the dogs are not properly supervised, not safely transported and if an incident was to occur it would be impossible to control all the dogs and deal with any incident in a safe and swift manner.